What’s On The U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree?

US Capitol Christmas Tree

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Every year just before the holidays start there are two tree lightings that happen in Washington DC.  One is the well known National Christmas Tree which is at The Ellipse in front of the White House.  The other is the lesser known tree in front of the US Capitol, which is known as the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree.  The Christmas Tree at the U.S. Capitol you can get much closer to then the National Christmas Tree.  There also never seems to be a crowd at the tree.

I’ve gone over and taken pictures of the Capitol with the tree in front before, which I’m still going to do this year.  But this year I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to give this tree service of my skills with technology.  This year I decided to take a high-resolution photograph of the tree.  One that’s of a high enough resolution so that you can zoom into it and actually see what the ornaments are on the tree.  This way, people who don’t live in the DC area can not only see the tree, but also get to see what ornaments are on the tree!

I took images from three spots around the tree and then stitched them together.  Those images were than combined into one large image so you can see the three views together.  The center image is from the front of the tree.  It’s a little smaller because I stood farther away from the tree then for the other two images.  But zoom in, take a look around, and enjoy!

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