Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC – 2014

Cherry Blossoms Washington DC - 2014 - 1

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Every year the National Park Service predicts the peak bloom period for the cherry blossoms in Washington DC.  For 2014 they are predicting it to be April 8th to the 12th.  But looking at the pictures I took of the trees yesterday (April 2nd) and the information on the NPS website, that might be a tad early.

Cherry Blossoms Washington DC - 2014 - 2

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If you compare the photographs I took yesterday of the florets to those shown on the NPS website it looks like the florets are still in the “Extension of Florets” stage.  This is also supported by the chart on the NPS website that records the extension of florets to have happened on March 31st.

On average it’s 12-17 days to peak bloom from the extension of florets stage.  That would place the peak blooms to happen between April 12th to April 17th using the date on the NPS website or April 14th to April 19th from when my photos were taken.  Either way it puts the peak bloom after what’s listed on the NPS website.

But the only way to know for sure when peak bloom happens is to constantly check on the trees and see where they are at!

Cherry Blossoms Washington DC - 2014 - 3

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