Cherry Blossoms at Night – 2012

There’s something very different about seeing the cherry blossoms in Washington DC at night:

When they are at peak bloom and lit by the moonlight they have an ethereal/ghostly appearance to them.   With the moon light they almost appear to glow.

I went over to take pictures on a weekday night, so there were almost no other people around.  It was the exact opposite of going over during the day time.

If you go over on a weekend at night it’s a little different.  There will still be tour buses that come by and drop off people to see them.  But a weekday night and you’ve only got the locals that are there.

Makes it so much easier to setup your tripod and get long exposures!

All images shot with Canon 5D Mark II (5D2) camera and Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS lens.

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