Thailand – Day Market


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Some more pictures from my trip to Thailand back in November, this time shots from a day market.

Open air markets are very popular in Thailand, seemed like anywhere I went there were multiple ones around.  You could even find single vendors along the road selling stuff.  Lots of them are similar to a farmers market here in the states.  The vendors will have fresh produce and meats to sell.  Other vendors will sell prepared foods you can eat there or take home for a meal later.  This day market was near Chiang Mai when we were leaving the city in the morning.  [Click on any image to enlarge]


Fresh colorful produce is very easy to find.




The photo above is a vendor making fresh pork rinds.  I was surprised to find that in Thailand!  I had always thought of pork rinds as the snack you’d buy from gas stations along the interstate when taking a trip with your family.



Lots of dried fruit


Yummy Thai sausage!


Ah, and here are the bamboo worms!  Yes, I did try them (along with other bugs too).  They are fried up and when you eat them they mostly taste like popcorn/peanuts.  Very airy inside and light, not a lot of substance to them when you are eating them.



Equipment used for this photo:
Canon 7D
Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM Lens

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