Sunrise at Skyline Drive

Skyline Drive - Before the Sun

Skyline Drive – Before the Sun – Click to zoom


I drove out to Skyline Drive recently to catch the sunrise.  Almost didn’t make it, my alarm was set for 4AM but when it went off the volume was a little low so I didn’t wake up!  The radio kept playing and around 4:30 I woke up and realized what had happened.  My plan was to leave the house at 4:30, so I was a little late!

I quickly threw on some clothes and raced out of the house.  Luckily I had decided to get my camera gear ready the night before.  I knew with what time I left the house I would maybe, just maybe get there in time to catch the sunrise.

The really nice thing about being on Skyline Drive that early in the morning is no one else is there!  Got to where I knew I wanted to be about 10 minutes before the sun would cross the horizon.  Had enough time to get the picture above, before the sky crossed the horizon and would start to appear in the sky.

Skyline Drive - Burning Sun

Skyline Drive – Burning Sun – Click to zoom

Once the sun appeared and started to rise over the horizon the colors in the sky completely changed.  No more blues, now it was all fiery orange.  After getting the pictures I wanted, I drove back to Front Royal to pickup some breakfast, didn’t have time to eat since I over slept!\

I then returned to Skyline Drive to take in the spring colors starting to appear along the drive.

Skyline Drive - Image 1

I stopped along the drive to take pictures here and there.  It was nice and peaceful being there without other people around.

Skyline Drive - Image 2

At the lower elevations the trees had started to leave out and there were some flowers too.  Once you started to get up higher though the temperature hadn’t gotten warm enough for the trees to start leaving out.  Up there they were still barren like in the dead of winter.

Skyline Drive - Image 3

I ended up driving all the way to Big Meadow before turning around.  At Big Meadow, I finally wasn’t alone!

Big Meadow - DeerBig Meadow - Deer

Equipment used for this photo:
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS Lens
Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Telephoto Zoom Lens
Slik 700DX Tripod
Bogen 3030 3-way pan/tilt head



Purchase the Skyline Drive – Before the Sun print alone or framed through Fine Art America.
Purchase the Skyline Drive – Before the Sun print directly.

Purchase the Skyline Drive – Burning Sun print alone or framed through Fine Art America.
Purchase the Skyline Drive – Burning Sun print directly.

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