Cloud Sea

Cloud Sea

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A couple of weeks ago I went back out to Skyline Drive to catch the sunrise.

In was very cloudy that morning in Washington DC, but I was hoping it might be different further out in VA where Skyline Drive is at.  It was still slightly overcast when I first got to Front Royal, but you could see stars in the sky.  Entering the park to Skyline Drive and the drive up the mountain I never went through any fog or clouds.  But when I got to the first overlook I could see just an entire sea of clouds.  Looking out from the mountain was like what you see in an airplane, just a blanket of clouds all the way to the horizon.  I shot a video on my Canon S100 of this while I was taking pictures which I converted into a time-lapse.  It looks like a rolling ocean:


Equipment used for this photo:
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS Lens


Equipment used for the video:
Canon S100
Manfrotto 3021 Tripod


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