Canon 5D Mark III – Is there a bug in DPP

UPDATE: Make sure you checkout the latest test with DPP, looks like there might be a new bug introduced in the new version (New DPP Version Test – Now A New Bug??).

Looks like DPP that ships with the new Canon 5D Mark III might have a bug in it.  It all has to do with what you have DPP’s preferences set to.  If you go into Tools->Preferences and the “General settings” there’s an option for “Viewing and saving RAW images”:

DPP Checkbox

To see what I’m talking about, open a raw image into the editor and zoom to 100%.  Then go into preferences and switch between “High quality” and “High speed”, you will see that when set to “High quality” the image will get softer.  When you switch back to “High speed”, the image gets sharper.  This is even true when you convert the raw file to a JPG.  Here’s the same raw file converted to two different JPGs, one with preferences set to high quality, the other to high speed:

DPP set to High Speed

DPP set to High Quality

Viewed side-by-side you can see the difference:

Click to enlarge

It’s even more apparent when layered and the top layer is set to difference:

Top layer set to difference

Here’s another test image from the FDR Memorial in Washington DC:

DPP set to High Quality

DPP set to High Speed

FDR Comparison

Layer Difference

I tried this with the previous version of DPP and raw files from the Canon 5D Mark II.  In that version of DPP you can not visually see the difference in DPP.  When the raw files are converted and saved as JPG and you do a layer difference, there is a slight difference – but nothing like what I’ve seen above.  Not sure what it all means, but for right now I’m setting my version of DPP to high speed since that gives me a sharper final image.

Here are links to the files above if you’d like to download them to view on your computer and compare them:

Popcorn High Quality – JPG
Popcorn High Speed – JPG
Popcorn CR2 raw file
Popcorn Comparison
Popcorn Difference

FDR High Quality – JPG
FDR High Speed – JPG
FDR CR2 raw file
FDR Comparison
FDR Difference

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