Mari & Ron – Engagement Session

Mari and Ron Engagement Session - 05

About a month ago I was contacted by Mari asking if I would do an engagement photo shoot for her and her fiancée Ron.  They had come across my work on facebook and really liked what I had there so wanted to see if I’d do an engagement shoot for them.  We set everything up through email and a couple of weeks ago we finally met at the Tidal Basin for the photo shoot.

My wife and I got down to the Jefferson Memorial a little before the time we planned to meet the couple.  As we were waiting I saw a helicopter in the distance approaching, so I pulled out my Canon 5D Mark II with the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Telephoto Zoom Lens attached and got a couple of shots.

Mari and Ron Engagement Session - 01

We watched as it flew overhead and then off behind the Jefferson Memorial.  We’d never met Mari and Ron before, just seen their picture from their facebook page. A little bit after the helicopter disappeared we noticed this sharp dressed couple walking towards us in front of the memorial – which we immediately knew was Mari and Ron.

Mari and Ron Engagement Session - 02

Now I have no proof of this, but it just seems to be an odd coincidence that shortly after the helicopter passed overhead they started walking up.  If that’s how they arrived, they definitely arrived in style! 

Mari and Ron Engagement Session - 04

My wife and I were lucky in that Mari and Ron were super easy to work with.  Very friendly, outgoing, and just enjoyed having fun with the shoot!

Mari and Ron Engagement Session - 09 

One thing you need to be able to do if you want to do a photo shoot in DC is move quickly!  There’s constantly a new bus dropping off tourists to see the monuments, so you have to be ready to move to a new location.  Luckily Ron was ready to do that all while looking good!

Mari and Ron Engagement Session - 03

But even when you are ready to move to new locations, sometimes the crowds are just too big.  Makes it hard to look fabulous in every frame!

Mari and Ron Engagement Session - 08

Mari and Ron Engagement Session - 07

Overall we had a good day and got a lot of great shots of this couple.   

Mari and Ron Engagement Session - 10

You could tell going forward they will have a bright and enjoyable future together. 

Mari and Ron Engagement Session - 11

And along the way, they will have a lot of fun! 

Mari and Ron Engagement Session - 06

Good luck Mari and Ron and congratulations!


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