High Resolution – Lincoln Memorial

High Resolution - Lincoln Memorial

Decided to try integrating Zoomify into my website so I can display some of my high resolution stitched images.  Zoomify allows you to zoom in and view very large high resolution images in a web browser.  For the first one I put up my image The Lonely Tourist at the Lincoln Memorial after converting it into a zoomable image.


The full resolution of the image is 23,532 x 22,345 pixels.  That makes this image a 500 megapixel shot – much larger then any modern DSLR!  If you printed the image at 300 pixels per inch you’d end up with a print that’s 78.4″ across and 74.4″ tall – more than 5 ft in both directions.  The shot is actually composed of 588 individual images.  I used exposure combination and averaging on this image, you can read about the method in my How clean can you get ISO 102,400? post.  Each portion of the image that is stitched together to create the final image is composed of 12 shots.  Hope you enjoy it!


Equipment used for this photo:
Canon 5D Mark II
Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Telephoto Zoom Lens
Slik 700DX Tripod
Bogen 3030 3-way pan/tilt head


Purchase the The Lonely Tourist At Lincoln Memorial print alone or framed through Fine Art America.
Purchase the The Lonely Tourist At Lincoln Memorial print directly from the artist.


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