King Street Bluegrass

King Street Bluegrass

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I don’t normally shoot street photography, but over the weekend I was out in Old Town Alexandria with my girlfriend, her sister, and their friend having dinner.  Had my Canon 5D Mark III with me and was taking some shots of the people in the area for the Memorial weekend.  After dinner we decided to walk around and came across King Street Bluegrass.

If you haven’t been to Old Town Alexandria at night to walk around you should definitely check it out.  Lots of nice restaurants, many with outdoor seating.  So when it’s nice weather outside you can enjoy the weather and have a great meal.  King Street Bluegrass was playing in front of an ice cream shop and drawing quite a crowd.  The band is made up of I believe 7-8 members, each playing a different instrument.  They have a lot of talent and sound really good.  For a preview checkout the video at the bottom of the post.  If you ever find yourself in Old Town at night and there’s a large group of people playing bluegrass in front of an Ice Cream shop, stop by and enjoy!  You can check their schedule on the King Street Bluegrass facebook page.

As for the images, I had the camera set to Auto ISO mode.  The ISO ranged from 1600 all the way up to 25600.  Even in dim light the 5D3 did really well in focusing.  Compared to the 5D2 it focuses so much better in dim light, Canon really did a good job in improving the auto focus system.

I was also shooting in silent mode, which you really have to hear to believe.  I tried to record the difference in the sound but it’s kinda hard to get a good recording of the difference.  If you are taking a portrait shot of someone and there’s a little ambient noise around, a lot of the time the person doesn’t even know you’ve pressed the shutter button – it’s that much of a difference.

Check out the shots and also check out King Street Bluegrass when you get a chance.

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