New Version of Canon DPP released – 3.12.40

Canon has released a new version of their DPP raw converter software.  The latest version is now 3.12.40.  There’s no information on the website about what it updates or new features it gives, so it’s not entirely clear what changes they’ve made.  You can find the latest version of the Canon DPP software here:

Canon DPP Version 3.12.40

How clean can you get ISO 102,400?

In recent years the latest DSLRs have come with the ability to shoot at incredibly high ISOs.  The tradeoff of course when you shoot at these high ISOs is you get a lot of noise in the image too.  But you get the shot, so it’s the choice between having a noisy image and having nothing.  One of the things I’ve found interesting to test is how clean can you get high ISO shots.  The new Canon 5D Mark III will shoot at ISO 102,400, so how clean can you get an image taken at ISO 102,400?  Looks like pretty clean!

Before and After

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