Dark Hollow Falls

Dark Hollow Falls

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Waterfall at the Dark Hollow Falls hiking trail in Shenandoah National park.

When I went out to Skyline Drive this month to see how much the leaves had changed color I decided to hike Dark Hollow Falls.  It’s a fairly easy hike, but coming back its all uphill!  The hiking trail follows a stream of water and when you get to the bottom you are greeted with a nice waterfall – Dark Hollow Falls.  If you go after its rained or when it’s a little wet just be careful!  The rocks are very slippery when they have some water on them.

If you want to start taking photographs of waterfalls and streams, you should consider investing in a circular polarizer.  They help by cutting down on the reflections from the water and increase color saturation.

There are lots of hiking websites about the falls if you’d be interested in hiking the trail:

Virginia Trail Guide
Waterfalls of the Great Lakes Region and Beyond

If you are looking for a good guide book to the trails of Shenandoah National Park that you can carry along with you, I’d suggest:

Hiking Shenandoah National Park

Equipment used for this photo:
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS Lens
Hoya 77mm DMC PRO1 Circular Polarizer
Benro A2691T Travel Angel Tripod w/ B1 Ballhead


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