Canon 5D Mark III Shutter Sound (normal and silent mode)

Canon 5D Mark III (5D3) comparison of the regular shutter sound vs the shutter sound during silent mode. I had noticed that a lot of other videos I saw of the shutter sound didn’t really capture the difference in volume between the two modes. I saw some of the videos before getting my 5D3 and I didn’t think the silent mode would be very useful, it wasn’t that big of a difference in volume. But after I got my camera and tried I was impressed with the difference in volume. It’s much more of a dull sound.

I think this might have been because a lot of the videos were done with too good of video cameras. It seemed to me that the video cameras were trying to normalize the volume, so the silent mode shutter sound was being boosted to appear louder than it really was, so the difference between the two wasn’t that much.

So I recorded this video with the camera on my cellphone and I think it does a better job capturing the difference in volume. Visually, not the best video, but we’re just wanting to hear the audio!


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