How much is shipping?

For prints sold directly from me, the shipping is a flat rate of $8 for photographic prints to the Continental United States.  For canvas prints I add an additional $7 to the order.  The number of prints or canvas prints you order doesn’t matter.  If you order 100 photographic prints, shipping is $8.  Order 10, shipping is $8.  Add 1 canvas print to the order and shipping will be $15.  Order 10 canvas prints and no photographic prints, shipping is $15.  

For prints sold through Fine Art America, there is a shipping charge calculated by the printing company that is added to the order.

What type of prints are these?

I sell various types of prints – standard photograph prints that are developed chemically, giclee (i.e. inkjet prints), and canvas – which is also an inkjet print.  

All photographic prints sold directly from me are standard chemically developed photographic prints.  

Prints sold through Fine Art America are giclee prints.

Why are the  prints only sold in certain sizes?

Each image’s aspect ratio (width versus height) is unique and different.  The aspect ratio determines the print sizes that I can offer.  Some are still cropped slightly on the sides or top/bottom to fit with the size sold.  If you are looking for a certain size that I don’t sell contact me and I can see about making a print up for the size you need.

How do I know a large print will look good?

For images that I have for sale at large print sizes I offer small 4″x6″ samples taken from that large print so you can see the quality of the print.  For example, this image of the Jefferson Memorial I offer for sale as a print that’s 120″x50″:

But how do you know it’s going to look good at that size and be worth the price?  That’s where the samples come in.  The yellow rectangle shows the size of a 4″x6″ section of a 120″x50″ print.  If you purchased samples for this image you’d get two 4″x6″ prints that would show two different sections of the image – two pieces from a print 120″x50″ in size.  This lets you see the quality and detail level you’d get if you ordered a 120″x50″ print.  If you are interested in samples for one of the large prints just email me about it.